Hope in Stolen Goods

Psalm 62:10

Do not fix your love upon your money- bags.

You see, we fill those sacks with more shiny things than gold and coins.
We heap upon ourselves assurance from all over the place.
We think being rich will put us in a higher untouchable place.
Being friends with ’cool and influential ’ people will give us a strong position in the future.

We dream that success, a great career and accomplishment will guarantee our lives.
In reality, although many of those things are good and helpful, if we have set our hearts on them as our ultimate security, we are heading for a surprising fall.

There is no person, low or high that can warrant your life, they might be willing and their motives might be good, but their help is like vapour.

The resources many of us brag about are but as good as ’stolen goods’

They are here today gone tomorrow, but to God belongs power and mercy.

Man neither helps us nor rewards us; God will do both.


( See Luke 12:15, 1 Timothy 6:17, Jeremiah 49:4)