A Longing for Home

Psalm 63:1

First impressions leave a long-lasting impact.

Good impacts swell us into this home closeness sentiment that gives us a sense of belonging. When we meet him this sense of homelessness disappears. Think about
The first thought that comes in your mind as you wake up.
The first boy that tells you ’ I love you.’
The first friend that shows you kindness.
The first sensation of a live concert…. those influences end up shaping our thinking and eventually our lives.

Created for eternity, our souls can’t settle for a different home until we find that. God is our home, he is eternal and everlasting. Everything else is salty water to a lost sailor. Nothing can quench the longing for home like God does.

Are you thirsty? Are you homeless in the desert? First and foremost, earnestly seek God. He will satisfy every need and fill out every void.

(See John 4:13-14, Isaiah 55:1, Ecclesiastes 3:11 )