Right Beside Me

Psalm 63:8

This idea that we hold unto God but mostly that God upholds us is bewildering to me. The God of the universe is in partnership with us, fragile humans. The right hand of God upholding us talks about the hand of skill and strength.
I find that interesting, skill – because we still need to work and be good stewards even though God is our partner. We need to learn how to listen and trust God and people and ourselves. We are forever students with God at our right side.

Strength, because as long as we are on this earth the assaults of the enemy of our souls will continue. We need encouragement, strategy to face our fears and courage to stand our grounds.

God on our right side helps us with that and much more.

What skill and strength you need right now? God is right beside you.

( See Ephesians 3:11-12, Hebrews 4:16, Romans 5:2 )