Show and Tell Them

Psalm 66:5

Deep down we are storytellers.
We like to take people by the hand and show something we have seen, something we wish them to open their eyes to. We do that through our writing, or cooking, or singing, or walkin…

We are constantly being changed by the stories we tell and the stories we hear.
What is your story? What are you listening to?

Are we leading people to the sight of God’s incredible proceedings?
We are people of life and love, hope and healing, suffering and strength. Do others know who God is by listening to our stories?

What we tell with words, art and behaviour and what we listen to reflect the stories we are building our lives upon. What is the God story you tell yourself? The story about God you tell others?

Pay attention, we communicate what we eventually live on.
Show and tell the greatest stories of God’s amazing grace, strength, help, endurance, joy and faithfulness. We need to hear of his miracles small and big, people need to hear of his amazing acts of Love and life-giving hope.

( See Isaiah 64:3, Deuteronomy 6:7, Joshua 4:6-7)