Cherishing Sin

Psalm 66:18

Cherish = hold dear, love, take care, be affectionate, devoted, nurture and revere. These are some of the terms that the word cherish is described with.
Sin on the other side is everything that separates us from God. Sin and God can’t cohabit together. When we try to make that happen, God is usually the one who departs.

It’s not the mistakes we make occasionally, it is not the offences we incite time after time, but the behaviour of the heart and the will that we protect and defend as good and pleasant when in fact it separates us from the only defender and protector. God.

Today, let’s think about those habits that we hide and protect and excuse, which are in fact cherished sins and ask God to help us see them for what they are and return to his cherishing arms.

( See 1 John 3:22, John 9:31, James 4:3)