Enjoy God

Psalm 67:1-7

How do you enjoy something? How do you celebrate someone?
By participating, by savouring, by contributing, by sharing.

God is not only to be praised by all but to be enjoyed by all also. That’s how good he is! His love and forgiveness, mercy and grace, tender care and salvation are gifts offered to all. All he is and what he represents are freely offered through the person of Jesus Christ. He enjoyed giving himself, so we enjoy giving him to ourselves and all. Joy is at the core of our faith.

In the words of Henry Francis Lyte, we enjoy God when we praise him for who is is, fully.

Let the people praise you, Lord;
earth shall then its fruits afford.
Unto us your blessing give;
we to you devoted live,
all below and all above,
one in joy and light and love.

( See Joel 2:23, Luke 6:23, 1 Peter 1:8)