The Rider of Clouds

Psalm 68:4

Who controls the air controls the world. For that very reason, the USA more than four decades ago landed on the moon. The idea that the Russians would have the upper hand in the space drove that “giant leap for mankind.”

God, not only the maker of all space and universe, the creator of the moons and the galaxies, rides all them in full glory and splendour.

We can indeed be in awe of the bravery, the stamina and vigour of all the Astronauts of Apollo 11 mission, what about God?

Do we see him for whom he is? Do we give him the marvel and honours he deserves? The rider of the clouds is riding over you right now. No matter how dark the cloud that is looming over you might be, at his spectre all darkness skaters.

Let’s praise him!

( See Deuteronomy 33:26, Jeremiah 10:6, Exodus 15:11)