Strong Arms

Psalm 68:14-19

How heavy are the burdens you are carrying right now?

Unconfessed sin is hefty, those unpaid bills piling up are crushing, marriage in the brink of collapse is a heavy burden to carry.

Children making unwise decisions is a big pressure to deal with. Paining friendships and health issues grind the soul slow and steadily.

We are not made to carry crushing weights by ourselves ( verse 19)

Our God ‘liftest’ for us, daily. There is no sin or struggle that he can’t handle. Bring them all to his throne of grace.
There is no crushing weight that is breaking us that he can’t carry.
He is my help, he is your help and right now, he is ready to load himself with our burdens and free us from all clasping weights.

Do you believe that? Can we invite him to stop our agony?

( See Matthew 11:28-30, Isaiah 46:4, 1 Peter 5:7)