What’s Eating you up?

Psalm 69:9

What is that thing or a person perhaps that is consuming your thoughts, time, and energy? The very thought of losing that makes you depressed and suffer from it.

What is eating you up? It might feel like a passion or consuming fire, like an unquenching desire and big craving. We all have them. What’s yours?

Some people are eaten up with lust, others with jealousy, and many of us with pride, but David’s passion was the glory of God. The desire to see the temple build, the prayer to behold the people of God gather and worship together and the desire to experience a display of the love of God was what was eating David up.
When God is our passion every other passion will be in the right place.
Passion has always a price attached to it. What price are you willing to pay for your passions?

Our Lord Jesus said “love the Lord God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence and energy.’ Mark 12:30 MSG

Love is what God requires of us. If you notice all those places where our ‘passions’ spring forth you will see that love is at the core of any pursuit. But, when we start with God, when we love him first and foremost, every other love will be an addition to the greatest love of all and it will not consume or devour us.

( See Deuteronomy 10:12, 1 Timothy 1:5, Joshua 24:14)