Time for a Break

Psalm 69:13

When man rejects us, it does good to remember that God accepts us.

Rejection hurts. It’s in our nature to want to be popular and affirmed by all. It was only yesterday that I was having a conversation with my son about his school life when he asked me: when it will come that day that he will have all in his school just like him?

No more bulling words, no more mocking, no more rejection, just a simple acceptance.

You, I am sure, can imagine my answer.
Never! Sadly, but, truly, never.

Whatever side we take in life we will be criticised, mocked, laughed at and insulted often. Jesus, the perfect human and God was not popular with all. He too was rejected, mocked and laughed at.
We, his people expect no different treatment from the world, but also no smaller compassion from him. He walks alongside us in our rejection and gives us the breaks we need, he is the all comforting saviour. Hallelujah

( See Romans 8:35, John 14:1, 1 Peter2:9)