With me from Birth

Psalm 71:4-11

My husband and I had a conversation lately with someone that has gone through torment and pain for most of his childhood. Rejection from parents, abuse from people who were supposed to protect him and abandonment its what paints the majority of the years of his growing up.

Rightly, he was asking us why those heartbreaking things happen to him. We did not have an answer, none really knows the hard whys in our lives, but we said what we have seen in our lives that: God always puts people in our path to show us his grace and his love even in the middle of pain.

Even when we don’t know him, he knows us.

If we look back, yes, even in those most difficult times of our lives there will be glimpses of his kindness and love on the way.
The writer of Psalm 71 is on the run and danger for his life, at those very moments he remembers the faithfulness of God since he was in the womb. Can you recognize God and detect his love in the most difficult times you have faced?

( See Isaiah 46:3, Deuteronomy 1:31, Lamentations 3:22-23)