Ageing Well

Psalm 71:11-19

We will get old. Just because the usage of botox and surgery can eliminate some of our wrinkles, the body continuously gravitates to its destination.

When we are young we need God, when we are old we need him more.

You see, oftentimes the strength of our arms and the sharpness of our minds can ‘replace’ God in our youth, but not so when we are old.

We don’t retire from God. Retirement is something that our bodies might need, but in the kingdom, our spirits are getting renewed every day. But, just because our bodies are limiting us, God is limitless.

With every ‘age ‘ we ask God for help that we will continue to do the work of the gospel even in our old age. Not perhaps in the same condition than when our bodies were strong, but with the same fire and commitment.
The new generation is always in need to hear the wonderful miracles of the Lord.
( See Proverb 16:31, Isaiah 46:4, Titus 2:2-4)