Bleeding as we Bleed

Psalm 72:12-15

What makes a good leader these days? Does he or she have to be bold, strong, popular, good looking, hard worker?

Jesus, the Life leader to us all (Matthew 23:10 MSG) illustrated good leadership as good servanthood.

‘If you want to be the first he said, you are not a good fit for leadership’ ( see Mark 9:35).

The traits of a good leader according to Jesus are of a different order than ours. For Him, humility, integrity, compassion, generosity, understanding and constant dependence on God are at the top of his requarment. He is the perfect example. Jesus Christ left behind heaven to come as a lowly babe and bleed for us. He shares his tears when we are griefing, he rejoices in our joys, he sympathises and empathises with us. He guides us through difficulties and never gives-up on us.

What kind of leader are you? Does servanthood takes any part in your leadership?

( See Matthew 20:26, Exodus 18:21, 1 Peter 5:3)