How to miss the Goodness of God?

Psalm 73:1-5

We should learn earlier than we usually do to not let the appearances fool us, but very often they do.
We see and hear and observe and make up our minds that the ‘others’ life, spouse, child, house, job, friends are better than ours.
Don’t get me wrong, some might be, but we don’t know the whole truth, we know and see in part.
I like an expression that I heard the other day that said: the grass looks greener on the other side to us because we are far and can’t see the dog poop hidden.

By keeping our eyes focused on other people’s lives we ignore, neglect and devalue what we have in front of our eyes and eventually out lives.

God is good and does good constantly, his mercies are new every morning. Let us keep our eyes fixed on his goodness and not our ‘ made up’ gloom today.

( See Lamentations 3:23-23, 1 Chronicles 16:34, Mark 10:18)