Neckless of Pride

Psalm 73:5-9

Pride is a very good disguiser. It hides so well that it can be misunderstood with a virtue.
Regardless of how it hides, pride is deadly. Whether is in its superiority or inferiority form, pride is the obsessive absorption of the self.

So, eventually pride makes us look foolish and unreasonable. We go from one extreme to another with pride. We either overestimate ourselves or underestimate our part. Pride is the root of all evil as St Agustine said.

The cure to pride is primary to see it and admit it. Repentance is the best start. The gospel is what keeps pride at bay because it reminds us daily that we can’t handle ourselves and that because of our sin Jesus had to come and save us.
As people, we will be driven by something, someone in life.
Would that will be pride, fear, others, self or Jesus?

( See Proverbs 11:2, James 4:6, Romans 12:6)