Popularity its not our Path

Psalm 73:6-10

What we people listen and watch these days it will certainly have shocked our great-grandparents. The news channels that don’t say any news at all and the television programs that are more like a mockery and pornographic show are at the top of ‘most watched’ lists. People are famous for being cute these days and we follow like little puppies. Companies are outstanding for being ruthless.

Popularity syndrome is at large.

It seems like evil and vulgarity are having the upper hand.
Christians on the other side are few. Many of us are afraid to say anything for fear of being unpopular. But, popularity is not our path, purity is. The purity of mouth, hands and life. It’s the holiness of the gospel lived out loud in the middle of a corrupt culture.

Our purpose is to point people to the person of Jesus, not to gain popularity. Sharing Jesus will not make us famous, but will make us good followers.
Let us not hide our light under a bushel, yes, even when we are unpopular by doing it, for it is the only hope for the world.

( See 1 Peter 1:15, 1 Thessalonians 4:7, Matthew 4:14-16)