Feeling Rejected

Psalm 74:1-11

People reject us when we refuse to go their way, God let us have our way.

Let us remember today that we live in a fallen world. People hurt us and we hurt people on daily bases. We get offended, we imagine untrue stuff, we convince ourselves that we don’t deserve him or her and we cross ourselves off from good relationships. We struggle with insecurity and doubt and allow ourselves to fall into the pit of rejection. From that very place, we reject others and we enter the vicious circle of feeling and being ‘unwelcome.’

God on the other side is not like us. He is light and not darkness, He is love. He is patient and merciful, graceful and long-suffering, but he is not a bully. When we insist on going to a certain direction with our lives, he is patient and warns us, he sends people to get us to understand His will, yet He does not force us, but let us have our way.

We are to stay awake to our Lord and to His calling:
Because if we treat our Lord like he’s unimportant, we won’t see him, we won’t hear him, we will not fallow him. We will fall into a path that He can not follow, we will be missing the feast he prepares for His children.

Man rejects, God gives Jesus.

( See Nehemiah 9:33, John 1:11, 8:12, Jeremiah 33:3)