God of the Night and Day

Psalm 74:13-17

Bible is full of examples where God meets his people in the night.
Sometimes, it’s hard to notice God when darkness takes over the day.

In the night we feel fear more than we do during the day. In the darkness, our anxiety is enlarged. Shadows tend to disfigure and then scare us in the depth of the evening. But God is there, he is with us in the night and during the day.
In the dark, he met Abraham to affirm his promise to him. ( Genesis 15:17)
In the dark, he wrestled Jacob until he bestowed upon him the generational blessings ( See Genesis 32:24)
It was during the sleeping hours that God awoke young Samuel to speak a word for the times being. ( See 1 Samuel 3:2-4)
Daniel received his heavenly vision in the dark ( Daniel 2:19)
Jesus chooses the hours of the dusk to pray (Luke 6:12)
Mary runs to the empty tomb when all is dark silent. ( John 20:1)
Time is the same in God’s agenda, he eagerly waits to speak and spend time with his beloved night and day.

( See Isaiah 30:18, John 10:27, John 16:13)