Those who Praise, Raise

Psalm 74:18-20

Right after our honeymoon, I was scheduled to go to South Africa.
These plans were made before our engagement and wedding took place. It was a doctor’s and nurses conference from more than 500 counties around the globe, Miranda ( my friend) and I represented Albania. The conference was in a place called Klein-Kariba in Bela-Bela around 90 min drive from Johansson Africa.

The place was stunning and relaxing and full of natural beauty. Meeting people from every tongue and country was unforgettable, but what impressed me the most was the singing of the cleaning ladies every morning. With towels and sheets on their heads, these beautiful and strong women sang praise songs like they were walking to church event or a wedding. Their joy was extraordinary. It is the most memorable thing to me for that whole trip. Joy is contagious and heavenly. We don’t need to be rich, famous or in the perfect situations to have joy. Those precious ladies thought me that!

( See Romans 15:13, Nehemiah 8:10, Philemon 1:7)