A Topsy-Turvey World

Psalm 75:1-6

The problem with our world is not racism, crime, drugs, corrupt politicians, poverty, injustice and environmental. The problem with the world is sin.

What we see as problems is, in fact, the symptoms of a world in sin. Sin is the absence of God in our lives.
The author of all living made us be in harmony with him and each other and nature. The further we drive ourselves away from Him, the further we are from each other and taking care of nature.

We are free to run away, but we are here today where the running away from God has brought us.

We think that running away from God will make us free, but sadly we end up more enslaved than ever. Whether enslaved by our desires, ego, other people, job, drugs, success or ideals, we are chained.

God, the creator of freedom and right living longs for us to return on that beginning state. Where man and God, men and women, people and nature lived in harmony. There is a way to make this possible. Jesus.

( See 1 John 5:13-14, 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, John 3:16)