Household Name

Psalm 76:1-6

If you said to you ‘Starbucks, Coca- Cola, Heinz and Kleenex’ I am sure you would be able to recognise and know what these products are.
What started as a small and passionate idea has become a household name. How?

People who helped these products become like a ‘family member’ to us were enthusiastic and knew their inventions very well.
They talked about it, they sacrificed about it, they promoted and worked tirelessly for all the world to see what they were seen.

GOD is known by us, his people. He has revealed Himself from the very beginning. God is knowable, he is available, we all are able to know him and not only subjectively. We worship a known God through Jesus Christ.
We make him known to the world by continuing to know him and sharing him with all. Like the people who made those products household names, we, his people when we make God our household and centre to our being, he will be known to all.

( See Acts 14:17, Romans 2:14-15, Romans 1:19)