Open the Red Sea

Psalm 77:13-20

My dear friend, if we have sung the song of salvation in our darknesses and if we have fought in faith, God will open the Red Sea. (Exodus 14)

He will part the impossible wall between us and him and let us enjoy his peace. He will so much strengthen our hearts in faith, that we will be unshakable no matter what we face. Our character will be moulded and humility will spring forth.
Jesus opened the deepest and wider ‘Red Sea’ we humans could face. He took upon himself the storms of sin, the waves of wrath and the torment of our transgressions. He liberated us forever.

There are no natural disasters that can change that, there are no people who can rewrite his wonder. He, the Good Shepherd is walking alongside us with counsel and power until we reach our promised land.

( See Galatians 5:1, John 8:36, Romans 8:1-2)