Listen to the Poets

Psalm 78:1-8

From generation to generation the poets have uttered words that people felt but had no language or courage to tell.
Asaph was one of these poets for his generation. He was prophetic and wise and his voice served as a laud trumpet in inviting people in the presence of God. He spoke using proverbs, and parables, metaphors and comparison. He was thoughtful at choosing words and examples that took the listener from one realm of life to another now illuminated.

The Poets pen stop our rushing lives and reveal the joys we are missing. Asaph is reminding his people the goodness and the kindness of God.
He does that by emphasising God’s mercy and faithfulness throughout the history of their people. Then he encourages people to – give honour to God, to look to his mighty power, and see the testimony of his goodness through generations.

We are not all poets, but we are all creative, what is the story that we are telling the people we do life with right now? The story about the past, present, future and most importantly – the story of God.

( See Deuteronomy 4:9-10, 1 Timothy 5:10-11, Nahum 1:7)