We are Quick to Forget


Edmond Burke said: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

If we took the time to think and try to understand the state of our world today, we will conclude that many problems we face are not original at all. Our great grandfathers and people that lead them faced similar challenges we do now. We forget about that though, we might know history facts, but we forget to practice them rightly.

Ephraim, the largest of the tribes of Israel falls in idolatry and sin. They forgot who God was and Who they were because of their God.

Joshua came from that line, and he is known as an extraordinary champion. He and Caleb led the people into the promised land.
And us, what about us? Are we forgetting the quarry from which we were mined? Are we forgetting the rock, Jesus? Are we stepping back, are we afraid because we are persecuted, laughed at, ridiculed about our faith? Are we repeating history by letting fear and comfort lead us?

( See Isaiah 51:1, Romans 10:3, Isaiah 48:12)