Stubborn like toddlers

Psalm 78: 16-21

Greed is a heart problem, not a deficiency one.

The problem is that it hides so well in the heart that it’s almost undetectable. I would say that many of people in the world ( Christians not excluded) believe that life is pretty much the sum total of what we own and how we show it.

The people of Israel sow God do miracles acts one after another when they left Egypt. He provided for them water, mana, security, light and warmth in the middle of the desert for them, but that was not enough.
They wanted more, and more and more.

Their appetite was not a problem for God, their attitude was.


We all have appetite and thirst, we are born with needs to survive, but attitude is alerted by our heart’s resting place.

Their harden hearts questioned God’s ability to give them bread, and to spread out a ‘party in the wilderness.’
Like a toddler that throws away a brand new toy because it’s not exactly as they wished, we too allow our unbelief and covetousness direct our behaviour.

What convictions you have about God at the present that prevent you to enjoy his provisions?

( See Numbers 14:2, Hebrews 3:9, Proverbs 3:5-6)