Don’t be a Good Person

Psalm 78:38-37

The world is full of ‘good people.’
People who are moral and exercise good merits all around. Some of these people even come to church and want God to keep that status, but that is not how God works I think.

You see, we are afraid of the consequences of our ‘misbehaviour’ so we restrict ourselves, we protect our reputation, we avoid conflicts. Still, when we fail we run to God to receive his forgivness, because we care about ourselves, not because we realise how that has hurt God.

When we only seek God so that he can help us to ‘be good people’, this, kind of seeking will lasts very briefly. We can admit it even ourselves that after we have gone to God to remove the pressure we have felt and he has done it, we go straight back to not seeking him as we previously were.
God is forbearing, we are feeble, still, let us not test His goodness.
For, in the end, we are the ones that loose.

We are not only to be ‘good people’ with our lips and leave our hearts to be far from that confession. Jesus Christ made it ‘easy’ for us to be people of goodness and mercy, for we are adopted in the family of God who is good and bound in mercy. Let us seek the Lord in Spirit and truth ( John 4:23), not becoming good people only, but godly people in word and deed.

( See Isaiah 29:13, Ezekiel 33:31, 1 John 3:18, Jeremiah 24:7)