Psalm 78:44-53

I can only imagine the terror of the plagues. It’s easy to read some things, but live them is another story.

Rivers turned into blood ( no water to drink or wash the dishes )
Flies as far as the eye can see ( dirty and annoying )
Jumping Frogs everywhere ( in the bed and kitchen)
Devouring caterpillars ( fat and greedy )
Armies of locusts ( stripping bare everything eatable )
Stony hail ( killing animals and plants alike)

It was a catastrophe from every side for the Egyptians, yet, in the middle of chaos, God leads his people to a triumphant rescue.
Terror and Fear gripped others, but not the children of God, they were unafraid. In the middle of the worse fear feast.
What about you? What fears and agonies have encircled you right now, that the presence of God can remind you that you can stand unafraid. Emmanuel is with you.

( See Luke 14:27, Deuteronomy 3:22, Matthew 10:28)