Heavy Burden Lifter

Psalm 81:6-10

Our girls were just three years old when the great financial recession happened. My husband’s business suffered many losses and the tide of suffering was hardly felt. The budget we lived with was small and shrinking. I remember one day when I had to empty our girls piggy banks ( their birthday and small allowances money) to buy cans of food to eat. It was a very low point.

I recall going upstairs and crying, the situation felt like a heavy burden that was stuck to my shoulders and was crushing me. “Lord help me” was all I could say, I kept repeating that simple sentence over and over again while looking aimlessly to my Bible.

Today’s passage was where my heart found comfort and I will never forget the peace that the presence of God gave me through that Word that day.
It lifted that crushing weight from my shoulders and although the situation did not change as quickly, I certainly had new eyes to see it.
God answered me from his thunderstorm and he helped me.

( See Isaiah 10:27, Matthew 11:28-30, 2 Corinthians 4:8-9)