Supernatural Satisfaction

Psalm 81:11-16

We often miss the luxuries of heaven because we are too quick to quit.

Obedience is hard, standing the grounds when the grounds quack is tough. Jesus disciples said the same to him you know:

‘Your teaching, they said, is too hard, who can accept it?’ (see John 6:60). Often there are no objections to the teaching of Jesus, just refusal, it’s too hard.

We want the honey, we long for the supernatural, but we don’t want to face the rock.
But if we want honey from the rock, we must seek the rock and not the honey first. Jesus is the rock, he is the narrow gate, but once entering that gate the space that Jesus offers is like none else can. There are joys and happiness, liberty and grace that are freely lavished on us.

The sweetness of honey is on that very rock.
The other paths might look wide and inviting but as soon as we enter we become slaves, there is no honey there just eternal bitterness.

( See Matthew 7:13-14, Proverbs 4:26, Romans 9:33)