Chaff Before the wind

Psalm 83:8-13

It might sound easy from the previous devotion to treat ‘enemies’ with grace and mercy like Jesus did, but is it?

Only yesterday my son came home from school crying because older kids had made fun of his shoes.

A dear friend called confiding how work life has become a lonely drudge place where people whisper and point her way from ‘fun’ gatherings.

A couple confessed to us how life with the in-laws has become challenging as the pull between their view of childrearing and their in laws clash significantly.

These are day to day challenges for all. Facing real resistance and disagreement daily oftentimes means that grace and mercy fail to show up for us at the right time, right?
Learning from the psalmist today we see that the best place to vent our frustrations with life’s ‘enemies’ is at God’s presence. There, we learn to release our opponent from our grasp to God’s hand and trust him to lead us with his wisdom and peace. I know that there is a part of us that like to vindicate ourselves by trying to sort out the problems by ourselves, trust me, its better left to the judge who sees all and judges all rightly.

( See Matthew 5:44, Proverbs 25:21-22, 2 Samuel 16:12)