The Best Day

Psalm 84:10-12

Every man and woman has his or her choice in life, what is yours?

Where you would rather be right now?
When the call to leave England and embark for Monaco was becoming more and more real to us, this verse ringed loud in my ears.

There were hundreds of reason for us to not be here, we had a fairly comfortable life in England. Kids were settled in school and life. We had great friends and neighbours. Our church was healthy and welcoming.

Why oh why leave and shatter all the ‘good life’ away.

When God speaks to us and change is on His way, we have choices to make. Most of the time we don’t know what is ahead of us, we simply can’t plan that to the last detail What we knew was that we rather be in a place where God was with us than in a place that He isn’t.
One day with God surpasses million of ‘good days’ with man. It’s strange and crazy, I know, still true.

It will be four years soon since we left for ‘that day’ and I can say that has been worth it, not easy, not easy at all, but so worthy. To him be all glory.

( See Isaiah 1:19, John 14:23, Luke 11:28)