Cloud of Guilt

Psalm 85: 1-6

Guilt is heavy and universal. It touches us all, its weight can be crushing like a cloud full of water filling the sky with thunder and storms.

We can’t ignore guilt. Guilt is the feeling of not being and doing what we were supposed to. There is no philosophy, theory and effort which can eradicate guild. Sure some can help relieve it temporarily, but the only one who can demolish guilt forever is Jesus. We can defer ignore and not believe in God, but His law is written in our hearts, guilt is present as long as the heart is not redeemed by God.

I don’t mean that you can pay for your guilt, the religious way of ‘guilt relief’ is by far the worse failed method. This idea that we pacify or satisfy God by our good works and religious rituals is monstrous.
If any of these ways ( intellectual, emotional, religious ) could have erased sin and guilt from us, Jesus would have not come. But none of these could. So, God sent Jesus to become sin and guilt for us, so that we can be free from sin and guilt so that we could be righteous. He is done. It is finished!
If the cloud of guilt is crushing you, look to Jesus, he has finished with guilt once forevermore.

( See Romans 3:23, 2 Corinthians 5:17, 21, Romans 8:1-2)