Love and Truth Embrace

Psalm 85:10-13

When Nathan and I got engaged this verse was a favourite. We were young and new in the faith and we thought that one of us was more truth inclined (me) and the other more loving and graceful ( Nathan).

We thought that us getting together, kissing or embracing so to speak, was a marriage in heaven. We complemented each other.

Now we understand that this picture is more telling about the reconciliation of God and man, the bridal of the earth and sky.

God sent Jesus to ‘kiss’ his bride with Love and truth and mercy and grace and righteousness. He stooped down to the earth in humility to give us holiness. He took our guilt and cover us with grace. He bloated our sin and granted us salvation. He lowered to the dirt so that we will be delivered and free by His love.
Because of that, we can ‘kiss’ with one another also. We can live in harmony and we can open our hearts to people who are ‘outsiders and different’ to us, for Christ has made us new unto himself.

( See Proverbs 3:3, Isaiah 32:17, Ephesians 5:2)