Teach Me

Psalm 86:11-15

To want to be thought shows a great deal of humility.

When we approach God, usually, we start like David here asking for help and deliverance, but slowly we get to know His character and we learn his way, and our souls start to remain quiet and hungry in His presence to learn God’s ways more than have stuff.

That way we understand that we will receive more than aid and rescue in His presence.

That kind of attitude will receive teachings and direction on how to walk with God. Our walk is our life, it’s not just what we do once and a while, but what controls our lives.

That kind of attitude will receive the gift of a united heart.

A divided heart is a hart that can easily be broken, manipulated and deceived, on the other hand a united heart is a powerful heart.
A United heart means that all our purposes, determinations and devotions of our heart stand together. The heart is one.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6), he alone can teach us the way to walk in life, the truth to live and the life to enjoy.

(See John 6:45, Isaiah 54:13, 1 Thesaurus 4:9)