Mark Me

Psalm 86:16-17

We lived in Devon countryside for more than a decade and our morning walks were full of green hills panorama. Herds of sheep use to colour the hills like polka dots and what was interesting as you drew near was that every sheep had a paint mark. Some had green, some blue, orange and purple. It was a mark from the shepherd to recognise his sheep.

A mark of protection, authenticity and ownership.

When I read the last verses in our psalm this picture of marking comes in my mind. David is asking God to ‘put his goodness mark on him’ so that all will see and understand that he belongs to the Lord.
He is not demanding, he is asking his God to show his hand and presence in his life. We can do that also, we need to be encouraged that way. Open our eyes Lord to see your goodness in our life.

( See Genesis 40:14, James 1:17, Nahum 1:7)