Salvation is not a small thing

Psalm 88:1-7

This is a prayer coming from a pain piercing place. The only thing that shines a small ray of hope into this song is that the writer knows the salvation of the Lord. It’s a sad song, it’s a sad story, but very soothing to us at the same time.

For many of us who are going through agony, salvation can be the only thing that we can grab hold for dear life as we go through this season

Salvation is not a small thing. It’s the light that breaks out the dark clouds of confusion and grief.
Salvation is a balm to our agonies and comfort to our sorrows.
It is the unmovable rock that stands the ground even when waves and beakers of life do their best to shatter it.
My dear friend, if you and I have salvation today, our lives, however, sad they might be, are still victorious.

( See John 5:25, Romans 10:9-10, Matthew 6:9-13)