Having Darkness as the closest Friend

Psalm 88:8-18

God is in the darkness with us. Oftentimes he does not send us the light but speaks to us in the dark. Darkness, from personal experience and reading about the believers in the Word, is a place to listen more than speak.

God reveals himself to us in the darkness like nowhere else. We will notice that his light will shine even brighter when we come out of any dark season.
Unless we know God in our season of darkness we will struggle to make good sense of Him in the light. Darkness eliminates everything else until there is just God and us. It’s not just a place where we are learning God, but also a place where we are unlearning to do life in our strength.

Darkness for many of us comes as fear, uncertainty and reluctance.
Often, God allows us to make darkness our ‘friend’ so that we will not fear it and allow it to intimidate us any longer. He is the light in any darkness we face. Jesus faced the thickest and deepest darkness ever existed so that we will be fearless in facing anything with him.

( See Isaiah 41:13, Joel 2:21, John 1:15)