Defined Adoration

Psalm 89:1-10

The presence of trouble in our lives shouldn’t silence our praise.


What we magnify, we live out. When praise is hard, defiance adoration must take place. Let every complaint and confusion be turned into thanksgiving. Let every feeling of abandonment and rejection turn to God’s unfailing love. Let every deceit from man find comfort in God’s faithfulness. There is no one like our God! There is no one in heaven or earth compared to him. So, let us sing of his goodness when surrounded by troubles. Let us lift his name on high when our name is trampled upon. Let us give glory to God when all within us can’t but want to do the opposite.

Defiant adoration magnifies God and places every problem in the right focus and place. As we praise we are assured by God’s presence and power, promises and provision in the middle of problems and pestilences.

( See Luke 1:46, 1 Corinthians 10:31, Revelation 11:17)