Time and Dust

Psalm 90:3-12

It is difficult for us to imagine time different from the frame which we are used to. When we are young time is not running quick enough for us, and then later on, time is flying like a rocket.

We think we can control time, but we simply can’t. What we need is God’s wisdom to teach us to live well in the time given to us. I use the plural tense here because I believe we have a community responsibility when it comes to time managing.
We confess together, we pray together, we worship together, we celebrate together, we live together… so, together we must follow God for wisdom and time governing.

We are people that like to live for the moment. We forget God and leave Him out of our lives. That’s what we need each other, to asher us back into the urgency of time. We need the community of believers to remind us constantly that: A life lived for God is a blessed life.

( See Isaiah 55:3, Ecclesiastes 1:2, Romans 12:4-5)