Keep me from Falling

Psalm 91:5-13

Oftentimes we are disappointed by God because we have prayed Psalm 91 over us and our loved ones and still bad things happened.

This idea that we can ‘assure absolute protection’ by quoting scripture is not all accurate. Jesus himself, the Word, who knew all scripture was tested by the evil one in the desert and also tortured and killed by man.

Many Christians throughout history and us ourselves can testify that God protects us ‘in the trouble’ not ‘from trouble.’
Jesus himself said so ( See John 16:33 )
The word of God is powerful and alive, able of teach us, instruct us, correct us and trains us ( See 2 Timothy 3:16-17), but not for manipulating.

God promises to be with us at all times, bad and good, sickness and health, richer or poorer, in trails and triumphs.
We love His word, we learn His word, we live His Word, we submit to His Word. We don’t make the Bible work for us, we work ourselves through the Bible. That way Jesus has promised to keep us from falling and to present us before God faultless and pure. We may stumble, but we never fall from his arms.

( See Jude 1:24-25, 1 Peter 4:13, Romans 8:17)