A Good Routine

Psalm 92:1-3

Sabbath, this rest day set by God is more like a monotonous day nowadays. It conveys mostly with the ‘going to church’ day which for many families is a challenge in itself. It brings stress and rushing and much more work than rest. This Sabbath psalm starts not with getting ready for church, but with opening our mouths with thanksgiving.

Giving thanks is not just a simple appreciation for God’s creative power and presence, but also a wonderful way to uplift and liberate us.


Many of us feel low and bound because we wait to give thanks to God only when we participate in communal worship. Personal praise and thanksgiving are at the core of our joy and strength in God.

For thanksgiving is not just a delight, it’s a defence weapon also.

When we praise and give thanks we keep the enemy at bay and we invite God to lead us through the day. We wake up remembering His love and go to bed singing of His faithfulness. It’s a spiritual routine that weakens monotony and lethargy.

( See Isaiah 63:7, Colossians 3:15, 1 Timothy 4:4-5)