Robed and Ruling

Psalm 93:1-5

About a while ago, together with a friend of mine we went and had an hour consultancy with a style specialist about ‘what to wear’ based on our body shape and colours we attracted.

The whole thing was really interesting, who though clothes could be such significant to our confidence and composure?

“Dress to impress’ was an expression that the style specialist used quite often. She explained how our clothes give us certainty and confidence in ways we relate to ourselves and the world.
Our God is dressed in majesty-meaning, grandeur, power, authority, dignity, stateliness, and splendour. He is of eternity, His beauty and magnificence will never go out of fashion. He rains and rules forever.

There has never been a time or not it will be that out God is not sovereign over all. He is sovereign over things that scares and the ones that satisfy us. He is robed and ruling.
Can we offer praises and thanksgiving to him who truly deserves our honour and lives?

( See Job 40:10, 1 Chronicles 29:11, Revelation5:13)