God has not Gone out for Lunch

Psalm 94:1-7

Our world is full of iniquity. It seems to me that ‘natural love’ has gone cold. Family does not stand up for family. Wife, husband, sister, brother, mother and father are at war with each other.

There is confusion and sadness wherever the head turns.
It feels like the Lord has left us alone to fent for ourselves.

But that is not the case.
Just because the evil appears to have the upper hand, our God is not hiding, nor is he taking a break. The cries of the poor and the marginalised are heard and attended by Him. It is but a matter of time before He shows up and puts justice to place.

God is patient, but not pitiless.

That’s why we need not be vengeful, God gives us justice.
He knows the tears of the widows, the whimpers of the orphans and the struggles of the foreign. He is on the way to contend justice.

( See Romans 12:19, Deuteronomy 32:25, Proverbs 20:22)