Renewed Hope and Cheer

Psalm 94:15-23

Life gives us plenty to worry about. There is always something that is fighting to get our attention and thoughts. At times it feels like we are by ourselves. It comes across like we fight many battles alone.

The psalmist here confesses that he feels the same. That he was slipping into the underworld from the weight of sadness and difficulties.
Yet, he remembers how God right in that ‘soon to become doomed’ moment, comforts him with His mercy and help.
You and I my dear friend can testify to that also. GOD proves true to Himself, always. We might think He shows up late, but He is always in time.

The world may rage, the wicked may seem to win, the dismay may dominate our days, still God gives us strength and renewed hope when hope seems far. That very experience injects so much joy and cheer into our hearts that makes us cling to our God and let Him establish the world with His mercy and justice.

( See Zephaniah 3:17, 1 Peter 5:10, Hebrews 10:23)