Drop Everything for Him

Psalm 95:8-12

Thirdly, we need to quieten our hearts.

Harden hearts can’t hear the voice of the Lord.


Children know very well if they have got the attention of the parent or not. That’s why many times they repeat ‘mum, mum, mum’ a million times before they say what they want to say. They need to see our head turned and our ears eager to listen to them exclusively before they talk.

Children teach us the art of listening.

When we quieten the worried voices that are trying to keep our hearts restless, we enjoy the rest of God. Oftentimes, we allow doubt and fear and daily chores to keep our hearts attention and forget to bend our ears and hearts to the rest giver. Can we quiet before God and listen to what He is saying to us right now? He speaks, He always does, are we listing though?

( See Hebrews 3:15, John 10:27, Jeremiah 33:3)