Joy Seeds

Psalm 97:7-12

It pleases God to give ‘small’ things that multiply and grow to many many foods in His children and Kingdom. I know that seeds are not very impressive, but God chooses His way to save us and send us… He does His magic through seed work.

It is how He labors. He plants His light and joy in our hearts and then awaits. We people like instant results, we are inpatient by nature, but God has a different way of bestowing us with new nature. It is a work of patience and power, grace and glory. He delights in seeing the young shoot blooming and growing, it’s the transformation way of christian’s life.

Light shines and joy erupts as that seed develops and relies on the hands of the gardener. As we remain in Him we will see an abundance of fruits and a joyful harvest.

Let His light shine in and through us and let the contagious joy He brings spread like a blanket over the world.

( See James 5:7, Galatians 6:9, Romans 13:12)