A World of Wonders

Psalm 98:1-4

It’s difficult for us to imagine Eden. What God made and put Adam and Eve in was truly out of this world. We might see and experience a little glimpse of it for we are yearning for that place of harmony, still, earth leaves us wanting.

Worship on the other hand brings us closer to the wonder making God. When we sing and dance and worship and praise we taste a slice of paradise.

There is no tasting heaven without the presence of God.


When we lift the name of Jesus ( the new Adam) we are brought to the presence of the Father. There we see the work of salvation, the heart and the plan of the Father and the ‘much more’ that is to come.
We truly are left marvelled at the works of His finger and are eager to see Him soon. For the main time though we continue to sing a new song, we shout and we give thanks for His wonderful works.

( See Romans 5:12-18, Isaiah 65:17-19, Isaiah 40:5)