Psalm 99:1-5

This word ‘enthroned’ right at the beginning of our psalm can be a little difficult to understand at first as we don’t know if the psalmist is writing about the heavenly throne or the earthly temple, still, one thing is certain God’s throne is a living throne. The vivid image here is of God sitting, dwelling with the cherubim in the middle of His people, to protect them and bless them with His presence.
God, like an universal monarch governs his people with providence and Grace. All done through His son and our saviour The Lord Jesus Christ.
His throne is a throne of grace, let us not forget that. That truth should make us believers tremble with joy and the others tremble with fear, for God, our God is worthy to be praised and awed.
For His throne will endure forever from generation to generation ( Lamentations 5:19)

( See Exodus 25:22, Isaiah 37:16, Job 36:7)