Where it counts

Psalm 101:1-2

We all want to see change. The only thing about change is that – change, first, has to starts with ourselves.
David has just become king and he has had a lot of time waiting and thinking what kind of king he will be. Justice and mercy, he determines will be at the foundation of his throne, they are of God and he wants to follow that Kingdom’s order.
Then David wants to focus on his personal conduct.

For power has got the ability to expose our flaws and weaknesses like nothing else.

Before he can govern other people, he must govern himself.
He begins in his own home where it counts the most.

Our personal and public lives are very connected, they are one in fact.
Many officials and leaders through history have tried to keep them separate thinking one will not affect the other, but that always fails.

Home is the harder place to walk righteously, still there it counts the most. If we can walk in our homes with a perfect heart there is no doubt that everything else that we do in life will flow from that place.

Can we worship in our homes, can we forgive in our homes, can we show mercy and justice in our homes, can we love God and people in the home? I am not asking here if we can do those things in the church or for the eyes of others, but in our home?

( See 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, 1 Timothy 5:8, Proverbs 11:29)