Friends and Trends

Psalm 101:3-8

I was reading yesterday’s newspapers and I was not surprised to see how many of our ‘past’ presidents and officials are brought to justice after they have served their term. The bribery and influence peddling they used when they were in power is following them like a bad smell. You see, justice might delay, but catches up nevertheless.
There is this talk of ‘who are our friends and how can they do us favors’ when power rules. The people we surround ourselves with as we lead are as important as our ability to govern.

Who do we listen to and who do we choose to lead together with make or break a king’s or a prince’s rule.
King David wants ‘the faithful, the salt of the earth’ to be the people he appoints to govern together with. Not the triple tongue ( the gossiper and slander) not the proud and haughty, not the deceitful or the one who tells lies, not the wicked or the evil ones.

If we want to make a difference as leaders, we must choose our friends, the people whom we serve with based on their faithfulness and honestly and not the trends of time.

Choose not the ones that are famous, but the faithful ones.


Faithful to truth and mercy and faithful in-home and faithful to God.
Let’s us pray for our leaders that the faithfulness of God will be evident in their lives. May their skill, wisdom and honesty of character guide them daily and may the love of God dwell richly in them.

( See Proverbs 10:9, Proverbs 13:6, 1 Timothy 3:2)